Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wedding decor

I was thrilled when my sister in law, N, asked me to make some decorations for her wedding, held at that same place I got married 18 months earlier.  She's got good taste!

Her colors for the wedding were purple and cream, and she described her style as rustic chic.  I had no idea what this meant but I found a few great websites, like Sparkle and Hay, that described it as finding a chandelier in a barn.  What a beautiful image that brings to mind :)

First I had a little whip around my house and garden to see what fitted the look.  I found old books, cameras, vases, lavender and roses.  In thirty minutes or so I'd made this (thanks Instagram app for making it look cool).

I used these little bits and pieces to put around the wishing well, made by N's grandfather.  I didn't get a picture of the day because we were just so happy and excited to be sharing their special day with them.

For our wedding my amazing mother in law got us four metal hooks made that go into the ground and you can hang lanterns or flowers off the end of them.  N used them too and put two at the end of the aisle and two at the top of it.  I made her these covered mason jars and filled them with purple roses (how lucky was I to get those!) and the last of the lavender and hydrangeas from our garden.  I loved that we were able to give her something special just from us on the day.

As it was an outdoor wedding, and the reception had been beautifully set up, everything in cream with gorgeous flowers everywhere, everything else I made was for outside.  My favorite thing was the embroidery hoops with crocheted doilies sewn on to tulle.  I know, it sounds a bit odd but the just set of the tree canopy but didn't overwhelm it and the photographer loved them too.  After the ceremony we took them down and sat them next to the fireplace in the reception venue.

I saw this fabulous DIY project for making a chandelier from an old light shade and paint swatches on hey gorgeous blog and decided to make my own.  A word from the now wise, in the chandelier they have used a big shape.  Do not even consider cutting out 12 x 1 1/2" hearts for each drop, and 17 drops on each of the two layers, and two chandeliers.  It was more than one week before I got full feeling back in all my fingers from cutting those hearts out.  It didn't matter when I saw how lovely they looked up in the trees and how much N and the rest of the family loved them.  What a great day, and I got to bring all the decorations home so I get to remember it every day!

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