Saturday, April 21, 2012

Little pup

When my friend found out she was expecting number two and wasn't finding out if it was a boy or a girl, I wanted to make her something that could be a bit neutral.  She has two dogs already, so I thought that a little stuffed dog would be perfect.  It ended up taking a whole weekend to make him, because I didn't think to go online and get a pdf pattern of a dog, I just looked at pictures and did a few tests until he looked right.  His body is made of cotton canvas and the print is from a local patchwork shop in town.
I love matchy-match gifts, so I went into town and got a scrap blanket from the Waverley Woolen Milles and sewed a brown linen backing on it, and some circles in the matching print.
Even though I did this nearly a year ago, I was reminded about it this week when my lovely friend texted me to tell me that her son, now seven months old was staring at the pup and then reached out and pulled it down to him. He loves it - Yay!

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