Saturday, May 12, 2012

My wall of photos

Renovating the spare bedroom took a turn out the door and into the hallway.  After I had finished painting all of the frames, my husband/consultant took one look at them and said they would look great in the hallway.  I decided to hang them all with 3M picture hangers, which ended up costing about $30, more than the frames, paints and pictures!
In the end, I decided that was totally worth it because I can take them down whenever I want and swap the picture over, and if I ever get sick of the navy (how could I? The color combos are endless!) then I can taken them down and paint them a totally different color!
Now I had ten more photo frames than before, I had to decide what to put in them.  I've made a little collage of my mum, included pictures of my grandparents when they were young, and put up some memories of our recent trip to Europe and the UK.  Still a couple more to fill, but nearly finished now!

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