Friday, May 4, 2012

Revamping the spare room

Our house is a 1960's shell that has been renovated to be all white with down lights in most rooms.  I love that it looks so clean, but lately I've been seeing what other people are doing, like my friend Alex on her blog "Hello from Tassie" and on Dwelling Gawker, which is similar to one of my favorite craft sites Craft Gawker.

So I decided it's time for a bit of color, and I've given myself a budget of $200, just to be a bit of a challenge as well. I have started a furniture project (but that's for another day when it's finished) and that has cost $25.  I moved some things around in my wardrobe, which is of course free until I find some more shelves to go in it.  And I pulled out some old photo frames and bought $8 more worth so I now have 10 frames in total.  Finally I bought three sample pots of paint for $28 dollars.  The brushes and cleaning supplies brings the grand total so far to about $70.

The paint I bought is snap-shot (navy), go alpha (jade) and meniscus (light grey).  I'm set on painting stripes, but I'll wait until I've tried a few things out before I go crazy on them.

This weekend I plan to paint all of the photo frames and decide what to put in them.  They look great so far.  Then I need to fill them with pictures of our families, and memories of things we have done as a couple.  I pulled out all the Europe mementos, program from Wicked and magazine from Port Arthur.  Such great memories.

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