Saturday, April 21, 2012

Inspired by a rainy weekend

This weekend the weather has been rainy, and that's given me a great reason to do craft (like anyone needs a reason too).  I saw this concept of printing on book pages a while ago and now that I have picked up my new color printer, it's time to play!

I've been considering for some time, how to use the flowers I dried from my sister-in-laws wedding bouquet.  She was happy to give me the bouquet but the flowers did not dry well.  Now you may be thinking how do these two things go together?

Well, I scanned the flowers through my new printer, edited them to be purple silhouettes and printed them on the book pages.  I also added a little monogram and the date, and a stamp of a little bird on each one.  I used purple and the bird, as that was the inspiration for the wedding decorations.  They came out great, and I'm planning to post them to her for her birthday next week.

While I was at it I got a bit off topic, and made this for the sister of the bride, who caught the bouquet on the night.  Not book art, but re-using the images of the dried flowers.

My first test print was inspired by the rainy day.  I printed a clip art umbrella onto an old book that my sweet husband said I could have for the purpose.  Sorry for the poor quality photograph, it looks much better in real life!

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